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Dec 27, 2012 8:00pm EST
really is an american tapper steve and we really ought to share in some ways in obama's story. i wanted you to have the last word about what more in what we might tell her children about this history and connectedness in spite of all of this ugliness in many uncomfortable ways. >> i think we should talk about it. it's hard to talk about but the reverberations from any and i think i'm a communicator, i'm a writer so maybe a bit too much emphasis and hope the dialogue. talking about how some understanding the history helps. i hope that interest in michelle obama's family might bring a little interest in history too. >> well, we will applaud her in just a moment. [applause] you have another opportunity but now it's your turn. anyone who has a question or comment, please don't offer both. if you would like to say something, you can have your moment. the microphone is open. if you have a question, please keep it brief. anyone? this is the first at the schaumburg. surely someone has a question. >> i'm going to wait for someone to come behind me. i know there's more than one. >> you can
Dec 28, 2012 8:00pm EST
of 1994, the newt gingrich revolution and that's one of them is retiring and his name is steve latourette. he was a moderate of the tuesday club and retiring in large part because of the disgust of the tea party. this is a guy who in a lot of ways was the forerunner of that movement but who mellowed over time. another way of looking at it i suppose is even a class of 1994 was nowhere near as conservative. >> those guys are liberals by comparison so he if you think the tart bill or something like that comes, it will be let the banks go? >> banner in the house leadership will have a decision to make and he is not going to want there to be a question on his watch. for that matter romney supported t.a.r.p. and he supported it rapidly. i mentioned in the story that i wrote for "the new york times magazine" about governor romney that in 2008 when the financial crisis, when the bank meltdown was upon us and john mccain was deciding just to suspend his campaign his decision came as a result of a meeting he had with his economic advisory team. a lot of these were big corporate donors an
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2